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HÄUS OF DONS bridges the gap between theatre and cabaret, putting on immersive spectacles always with Drag Kings at the forefront. 


With residencies at Soho Theatre, House of St Barnabas, The Box, Soho Houses, the DONS have also been touring UK festivals putting on workshops, small cabarets, theatrical spectacles, dance workshops and walkabout immersive work. 

Meet the creator and Artistic Director Daisy Doris May (she/they)


Kinging has become an outlet for Daisy’s queerness and a vital part of her identity. 


As her alter ego HÄNS OFF, won the Europes Biggest Drag King competition MAN UP in 2022 and the Berghain born ‘V.I.P.’ has hosted affairs at parties, fundraisers for HÄUS OF DONS chosen charities, festivals, Pride events.


Guildfordian Mummy’s boy STEVE PORTERS (lock up ur daughters) is taking up his own show to Edinburgh Festival, HOW TO FLIRT. The Ted XXX Talk. Daisy was just nominated as a finalist with SCREENSHOT 2023 and is in development with SISTER and SOUTH OF THE RIVER PICTURES to develop Steve’s mockumentary.

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