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Pack your bum bags and spray on the Lynx Africa, ‘cause Steve Porters is in town, baby. The drag king persona of Daisy Doris May (of HÄUS OF DONS fame), Steve is your classic ladies’ man, iPod DJ, and self-taught feminist. Your typical multi-hyphenated, high-value male. Or is there something more lurking beneath the fake goatee?

Having decamped from his mum’s house in Guildford, Steve has arrived in “Edders” to deliver a one-man seminar on the art of listening, learning and loving. His syllabus might be rudimentary, and his educational materials – blow-up dolls and dodgy pie charts – slightly suspect, but Steve more than makes up for it with his earnest commitment to helping his ‘single Pringles’ find love. Lessons in self-confidence and handling rejection sit alongside demonstrations of a more practical nature, like “being interesting” and tearing it up on the dance floor. Moreover, discussions around consent and mutual pleasure, while funny, are underscored as absolutely non-negotiable – so, yes, you may seductively place this Listerine strip on my tongue. After much back-and-forth, Steve and an audience member touch fingers on a third date, and the chemistry in the room is absolutely electric.


Drag has always been about the spectacle of gender: of pushing gender expression to its extremes, so as to laugh at it, have fun with it, liberate ourselves from its social control. Drag, therefore, can help us imagine new ways of being. For a show ostensibly about impressing the best version of yourself onto others, Steve Porters is also a tender character study of a more positive, progressive masculinity, in which men are allowed to be flawed works-in-progress. Steve may be a capital-L lad, but it’s also clear that underneath the gold chains and hair gel, there lies real vulnerability. Which – for all his chat about vibes and auras – How to Flirt proves is the real key to any successful connection, romantic or otherwise.



“From the moment I was greeted by the sexy don at the door, my little heart was full of excitement and lust. The room was saturated with electric energy, people unable to contain their screams of glee. Dancing with Häns… Flirting with Steve… Being serenaded by Duncan… Häus of Dons was a night unlike any other.”



“High energy, off the wall cabaret meets immersive theatre. A one off shenanigan which you will be trying to describe to your mates for months afterwards. A rare gem of a night fuelled by the relentless energies of Daisy Doris May.”



“The energy of the Dons is incomparable. The hype, the joy, the pure talent displayed was everything a drag night should be. Gently yet masterly woven around the bar and performance space the night was an immersive feat that had me in from the moment it started. I’d join ze cue for this show any day.”



“These Misters are not to be missed! It's so much fun to be in a sea of drunken laughter being hit with wave after wave of marvellous, hilarious, rapturous talent!  Can't wait for the next edition, these guys are truly something special.”



“Häus of Dons is just a brilliant show. High energy. Entertaining. Incredibly funny. 

I was thrilled to host its first run at DOÑA where it was received with rapture by the sell out audience… night after night. The array of Kings ensured there was not a boring second.”

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